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Visit our garage for specialist car servicing and repairs, with expertise in dealing with Alfa Romeo, Peugeot, Citroën and Volvo cars.

Time served apprentice with Peugeot, and a keen Volvo enthusiast. Extensive experience of working with various Citroën and Alfa Romeo models too. Overall this expertise gives BLS an edge over non specialists, and the non commercial prices give an edge over the dealerships.

Car Specialists

Alfa Romeo: Poise, passion and performance rolled into one, this Italian car is associated well with its history of racing since 1911. The design of the car has always been a prominent feature, with many concept cars and current models made by famous design houses and designers. As per its reputation for being a ‘Champion Car’ and ‘Driven by passion’, Alfa Romeo have introduced and used many technological innovations over the years.

Peugeot: A strong hold in the European car market, these reliable cars of French origin are known to last a long time. They have an impressive history in motor sport which is less well known than brands such as Audi and Toyota. Newer Peugeot models are less prone to rust thanks to the fully galvanised body, and CO2 emissions are ranked favourably amongst the other established European brands.

Citroën: Brought by Peugeot in 1975, this brand is now owned by the Peugeot Société Anonyme (PSA) Group. The Citroen brand still enjoys a separate identity, but shares engineering and technical resources with Peugeot, thereby having many similarities from a mechanics perspective!

Volvo: A brand of Swedish origin, that was built with a vision to withstand the rigors of the country’s (Sweden) rough roads and cold temperatures. Volvo cars enjoy a worldwide reputation for solidity and reliability, with safety features second to none. Some elements of Volvo cars have been incorporated into Ford owned brands (including Ford itself, Aston Martin and Jaguar) where permissions or licences have been granted by Volvo Group.

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